Polk County Baptist Association
Tuesday, January 19, 2021

PCBA Food Bank


FOOD BANK REPORT FOR BROADCASTER       JULY                                      AUGUST             SEPTEMBER

Families helped: 170                                Families helped: 178                     Families helped: 170

Children helped: 38                                  Children helped: 26                     Children helped: 21

Adults helped: 237                                    Adults helped: 233                           Adults helped:231

Individuals helped:275                           Individuals helped:259                Individuals helped:252

Volunteers: 23                                         Volunteers:14                                    Volunteers:33

Volunteer hours: 77                               Volunteer hours: 47.5                      Volunteer hours: 99



Friendship     Cedar Springs     Crossroads         Benton First   Methodist

Benton Station     Jones Chapel       First Baptist-Cleveland           Shiloh      Mtn. Springs


Bags    Prepared

JULY           Shiloh                23 volunteers  312 bags prepared --------167Delivered

AUGUST     No Bag Day      14 volunteers       195 bags prepared -------178 delivered

SEPTEMBER    Benton First      17 volunteers 255 Bags  prepared--------170  Bags delivered


Help Tent

July-August- September  H.E.L.P. Tent was cancelled!


Corporate donations were from Fresh and Low, V.E.C. Share Program and T.V.A.

Purchases were for Chattanooga Food Bank, Fresh n Low

Individual donations(food or money) were from Friendship, Cedar Spring, Old Ocoee, First Baptist,   Benton Station,  numerous individual donations .

Please check the Financial Summary for specifics on who donated money for Food Bank use. We appreciate all of these churches and individuals who include the  Food Bank in their monthly budget.Pray that the families will be nourished by the food they receive, but (more importantly) that they realize Christ is the Bread of Life! Thanks for your prayers and support of this critical ministry! Thanks to all the volunteers who help each month at the Food Bank and the churches that support the  Food Bank financially!!

Participation locally has been low probably due to the virus. Pray for all our volunteers.

Bill and Ann Womac—co-directors